Pd door even has durability kept under its belt, having a lifespan that is five times longer than that of normal aluminum framed doors. This is due to the increased thickness of the aluminum alloy used. The entire door is supported by stainless steel hinges, while the door panels are held in place by new “U” shaped silicon gaskets. Accessories utilized are all of fine grade stainless steel or PVC, hence reduce replacement rate to the minimal. And even if a part does worn out, it will take a mere $2 to replace. This is definitely not a lot, considering the fact that the designers have skillfully pared down the system to only two components instead of the usual eight.

Ignoring all these technical specifics, it simply means that Pd door is highly durable with long warranty period to assure consumers. It has been PSB tested to last an average 100,000 cycles which is equivalent to a lifespan of 15 years.