The idea behind the Pd door is ingeniously simple, fabricated to meet the needs and demands of the contemporary market. It works on a straightforward slide and swing system that enables the door to be extended to the width of a conventional door while having the incredibly smallest swing area.

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Operation method

To open: Slide first panel till both panels overlap fully. Open fully by swinging the overlapped panels from the track to desired position.

To close: Swing overlapped panels to the track. Slide one panel to the frame and lock.

Pd door is a thoroughly inventive take on the household element that has been in existence since time immemorial. The integration of sliding and swinging is conceptualized to retain the advantages of sliding doors and swinging doors, while at the same time eliminate the disadvantages.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors can save space as no swinging space is required. However, they are only suitable for wide openings. If openings are too small, accessibility will be obstructed when the doors are slide. However, if the openings are wide enough, the durability of sliding doors will be low. Heavy panels with long sliding distance will cause rollers and the other components to wear out quickly, panels to fall out of alignment and thus high replacement rate. Also, the movement required to operate the door is very big. Users have to move while sliding as the sliding distance is usually very long.

Swing doors

Single panel full swing door with hinges is the most conventional and trusted type of doors in the market. However, it is very space taking and most owners do not have the luxury of space. Also, residential flats in higher storey tend to experience strong wind which will cause doors to slam with very impact. This not only affects the durability of doors but the overall structure of the building. Users have to move with the swinging of panels and this is not practical if the space is very limited.

Integration of sliding and swinging doors

Sliding and swinging doors can be used in all openings, regardless of the size. With panels halved, slamming impact, sliding distance and swinging area required will be reduced by more than half. The SS system has been tested by PSB to last more than 50,000 cycles which is equivalent to a lifespan of 15 years. That is five times more durable than the normal doors