November 2005: Research & development on the lockset

Meetings were held and a consensus was finally met on the issues on the locking system for the Pd series. The Research & Development department was given the task to come up with an exclusive lockset to suit the profile of the Pd series and yet user friendly, inexpensive to replace and durable at the same time.

The specifications of the proposed locksets are as below.

  • The receiving end will be concealed in the main frame.
  • The “U” channel of the sub frame will be covered up and a handle will be proposed.
  • The lockset will be upgraded to metal.
  • The lockset must remain flush.
  • The door can be opened in times of trapped users in the cubicle.
  • The lockset must be able to be operated by the various age groups and physically defect users.

It will be greatly appreciated if you can provide your precious feedbacks in the below link. You can also contact us if you will like to share more information.