Pd door can be swung up to 90° or 180°. On top of that, Pd door is designed with flush handle and lockset, so that panels can be kept flush on walls or cabinets. This will inevitably increase perceived space area.

Doors that can only be swung up to 90°will cause panels to sit at the opening. This will not only reduce the opening but hinder movement as well. Keeping panels flush behind walls will prevent users from hitting themselves on the panels which is hazardous to both users and the door.

For bigger openings, users can solely make use of the sliding function during daily use. During occasion where owners will like to keep doors out of the way to accommodate more people and bigger movement, doors can be opened fully and be concealed behind the walls, cabinets and even tables. Unlike timber doors with doorknobs, Pd door is able to stay totally flat due to its flush handle, lockset and slim panels.