Despite the complications of the system as it may seem, the operation is amazingly easy and user friendly. Slide and swing. All it requires is a slight, single hand gesture. Users do not have the luxury of space to dance with the door which they have to do with the other doors in the market. Staying in one position to slide, swing and lock is essential as dangers posed by sanitary wares and other furnishings are everywhere.

Clear door access is an added advantage offered by Pd doors. Unsightly and hazardous bottom rails are eliminated from the design by engaging the top rail to slide and swing.

The designers behind the Pd door have considered the needs of all users, including the young children, elderly and wheel bound users. Standing out from the crowds of ordinary, unimaginative doors has no value if there is low degree of user friendliness. Minimal hand and leg movement as well as clear door access are hence integrated into the system to benefit everyone in the family.