July 2005: The launch of Pd LOUVRE for household shelter use

Owners often face problems with finding the suitable peacetime (internal) door for the household shelters. The shelter is often very limited in space and air ventilation.

Pd LOUVRE is developed with the most air ventilation, light access and simultaneously, the highest privacy. This is so as the aluminium louvres utilized is very slim but ingeniously designed to reduce visual distance to the minimum.

Not all users will use the shelter as a maid’s room. Hence, the door should be able to be hidden and not obstruct the entrance when not in use. Pd LOUVRE with its swing capacity of 180 º offers more opportunities as to how the cubicle can be used.

Pd LOUVRE is of aluminium made to match the look of the metal blast door frame. Also, PVC louvres cannot be replaced whereas aluminium louvres can be easily replaced with the numerous aluminium suppliers in the local market.